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A little about me .

I tend to bring a camera (or two) with me whenever I am out and about to photograph scenes that interest me . I set up this website to share some of these photos with my family and friends and indeed anyone else who wanders here by mistake or is led here through the vagaries of search engines.

The website is best viewed on a PC or laptop as it has not been optimised for viewing on a Mobile device


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Baltic Cruise

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My Cameras

I use two cameras. My main one is a Canon EOS 700D that I bought in July 2014 (replacing an older Canon EOS 350D that I bought in 2005. I usually use the lens that came with it, a Canon EFS 18-55mm lens but occasionally use a longer Sigma 70-300 lens, a wide-angle Sigma 10-20mm or a Canon 50mm lens.

My other camera is an Olympus 1050SW. This is a wonderfully robust camera. Olympus claims it is shockproof to 1.5m, freeze proof to -10 degrees Celsius (perfect for the Irish summers) and waterproof to depths of 3m. While I have not yet dropped it, I have taken photographs about 50cm underwater on the coast of Mayo (and rinsed it under a tap afterwards) and it has behaved admirably. For this reason, I tend to take this camera with me regularly especially in wet weather, on the bike or when out on a boat.