Because cars are so expensive, the normal mode of transport in Vietnam - especially the northern end of the country - is the motorbike or scooter. It is used for the commute, the school run and the family vehicle with often three, four or even five riding the same bike. Unfortunatrely, I missed getting a shot of five on a bike.

It is also used for business. Produce is carried to market, shopping and stocking the many street shops and large deliveries are made using the bike. We even saw a large pig being delivered on the back of a scooter (but I missed getting a good shot) and our guide assured us he once saw a water buffalo being carried on one. It wouldn't surprise me!

Below are a section of the photos I took while watching the traffic. This section was the result of, at most 60 minutes, observation over the two weeks spent in Vietnam

scooter0_small.jpg scooter01_small.jpg scooter02trafficcops_small.jpg scooter03_small.jpg scooter04_small.jpg scooter05_small.jpg scooter06_small.jpg scooter07_small.jpg
scooter08_small.jpg scooter09_small.jpg scooter10schoolrun_small.jpg scooter11_small.jpg scooter12_small.jpg scooter13_small.jpg scooter14_small.jpg scooter15_small.jpg
scooter16_small.jpg scooter17_small.jpg scooter18_small.jpg scooter19_small.jpg scooter20_small.jpg scooter21_small.jpg scooter22_small.jpg scooter23_small.jpg
transport01_small.jpg transport02_small.jpg transport03_small.jpg transport04_small.jpg transport05_small.jpg transport06_small.jpg transport07_small.jpg transport08_small.jpg
transport09_small.jpg transport10_small.jpg transport11_small.jpg transport12_small.jpg transport13_small.jpg transport14_small.jpg transport15_small.jpg transport16_small.jpg
transport17_small.jpg transport18_small.jpg transport19_small.jpg transport20_small.jpg transport21_small.jpg transport22_small.jpg transport23_small.jpg transport24_small.jpg
transport25_small.jpg transport26_small.jpg transport27_small.jpg transport28_small.jpg transport29_small.jpg transport30_small.jpg transport31_small.jpg transport32_small.jpg

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